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Stormwater Management
National Pollution Discharge Elimination SystemNPDES logo
The Clean Water Act of 1987 established requirements for stormwater discharges under the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit program. The goals of the permit include protecting the beneficial uses of the water bodies and reducing stormwater pollution.

Polluted stormwater degrades our creeks and ocean. Sediments that cloud the water, nutrients that promote the growth of algae and toxic chemicals from pesticides, or leaking cars all threaten the health of fish and other aquatic life. Bacteria and parasites from pet waste and leaking septic tanks can make our ocean unsafe for swimming and surfing.

Permit Requirements
The NPDES permit mandates stormwater management programs to address the challenges of preventing stormwater pollution. Under this permit, the City is held accountable for water quality in our creeks and ocean.

The permit sets out strict requirements for stormwater pollution prevention, particularly in the areas of construction and development. It also addresses pollutant sources from commercial activities.

The City is responsible for street sweeping, cleaning out catch basins and public storm drains, and terminating any illicit discharges that enter our receiving waters.

Find information about the current Municipal Stormwater Permit on the Regional Water Quality Control Board website at

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