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Special Protections
Eliminating Discharges and Preventing Pollution
In 2004, the State Water Resources Control Board directed the City of Malibu to eliminate discharges to the Area of Special Biological Significance (ASBS) along the coast. Discharges include “stormwater” and “dry-weather runoff. Stormwater refers to water that originates from a rain event, while dry-weather runoff refers to unnatural water runoff caused by people. The City, along with other statewide agencies, submitted a request to the State to allow stormwater discharges to ASBS. In March 2012, the exception for select discharges to ASBS was adopted, permitting clean stormwater to flow to ASBS. The State also required agencies to put into action programs called “Special Protections” to prevent pollution from reaching ASBS. All flows of unnatural dry-weather runoff and polluted stormwater to ASBS remain illegal under the Special Protections.

California State Water Resources Control Board Resolution No. 2012-0012 approves exceptions to the California Ocean Plan for selected discharges into Areas of Special Biological Significance, including special protections for beneficial uses and certifying a program environmental impact report.
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