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Community Efforts
Area of Special Biological Significance Protection 
Day Without A BagThe City and its community work together to protect the Area of Special Biological Significance (ASBS) along the coast. The State's Proposition 84 grant funded a three-year staff position, 
Coastal Preservation Specialist, that was dedicated to ASBS education. The outreach aimed to inform residents, visitors, and youth how to minimize their impact on the ASBS in order to preserve healthy coastal habitats.

Local schools partnered with the City to engage students with an interactiv
e curriculum about the ASBS, watersheds, runoff, and pollution preventing solutions. Malibu locals continue to complement the City’s structural improvement projects by planting Ocean Friendly Gardens and embracing sustainable practices. 

California State Proposition funding made these projects possible. The infrastructure projects were managed by the City's Public Works Department and outreach to the community was provided by the grant-funded Coastal Preservation Specialist.

City of Malibu