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Areas of Special Biological Significance
What is an ASBS?
Areas of Special Biological Significance (ASBS) are protected coastal areas created to preserve local marine ecosystems. There are 34 ASBS along California's coast that support a rich variety of aquatic life. ASBS regulations prohibit pollutants from entering the ocean through private and public storm drains and natural streams. Malibu is home to a portion of ASBS No. 24, which stretches 24 miles from Latigo Point beyond the County Line to Laguna Point (in the Point Mugu area). The City of Malibu continues to prove itself as an environmental leader by working diligently to protect the 11,842 acres of marine habitat in ASBS No. 24.
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A Quick Look at the ASBS
    This brochure explains what an ASBS is, how it is protected, and what can be done 
    to preserve our coastal resources.
Residents' ASBS Questions Answered
    Common questions about complying with ASBS runoff restrictions on your property.

Interactive Map of all 34 California ASBS
    Look up ASBS No. 24, which covers the western half of Malibu.

    What is the difference between protected coastal areas in Malibu?

ASBS No. 24 Map

City of Malibu